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Niall: “Good morning sunshine!” Niall sung to you. You rolled onto your stomach, groaning. “Come on sleepy head!” Niall said giving you a playful shove. “It’s too early! Why do you always have to get up so damn early Niall?” you whined throwing a pillow at him. He grabbed your waist flipping you around to face him. He inched forward kissing you harshly, “Let’s go.” It was more of a demand. You giggled. “Fine,” you said wiggling out of his grasp. You rolled out of bed grabbing a big shirt from your dresser. Niall swooped by, taking your hand and walking out into the kitchen to be met by 4 other faces. “Morning love birds!” Liam joked pouring himself some milk. You blushed. “How was your time alone last night?” Harry asked winking. “Actually Y/N was on her period so I let her have some alone time,” Niall said pulling you in close to him. “OMG Niall and Y/N didn’t have sex last night?! That must be some record!” Louis joked sitting on the kitchen stool. You glanced over at Zayn who was avoiding your gaze. You tried to get his attention but he wouldn’t budge. “I’m uh gonna go grab something from my room…” Zayn trailed off sulking across the kitchen. “Oh I’ll help!” you said running after him. He ignored you walking silently to his room. You walked in after him shutting the door behind you. “Zayn,” you said softly. “Y/N. It’s killing me,” he admitted. You sighed sitting down on his bed. “Me too,” you said. He placed a caring hand on your thigh. “What do we do now?” Zayn asked. 

Zayn: Thing’s were really awkward. The 6 of you (you and the boys) were lounging around the coffee table in an awkward silence. You sat on Zayn’s lap. “Well..I’m hungry,” Niall said breaking the silence. “How about I take you to Nando’s?” Zayn suggested. Niall nodded obviously very excited. He sprung up and ran for the door. “I’ll be right back babe. Don’t miss me too much,” he added kissing you on the lips. He left you on the couch and walked out the door with Niall. You looked at Louis to see his head hung low. Oh how you wanted to go over to him. How you wanted to hug him. How you wanted to kiss him. How you wanted to tell him you loved him. “I know,” Harry said suddenly. Louis looked up instantly confused. You two looked at Harry questionably. “I know,” Harry said again, “about you two.” He looked embarrassed, almost ashamed. Like he was the one that was cheating. “Wh-what?” Louis asked. “Oh don’t play innocent. Louis and I share a flat remember. I can hear everything Louis does in his room. I mean who he does…” Harry said looking at you. Your cheeks turned red. You already felt bad enough for what you were doing to Zayn but Harry knowing made everything ten times worse. “Please don’t tell Zayn,” you whispered helplessly. 

Harry: “Come on baby,” a slightly drunk Harry slurred trying to press his lips against your body. “No. Harry. I’m sorry, I”m just not feeling it tonight,” you said pulling away slowly. “Why not? You’re usually in the mood,” he smirked pulling your dress off your shoulders. “I know. But just not tonight,” you said as he tried fiddling with your bra strap making it fall to the ground. “You’re beautiful,” he breathed. Covering up your top area, you grabbed your green bra off the ground putting it back on. “Y/N. What is wrong with you tonight?!” Harry asked. “I’m sorry. I just don’t feel like it,” you said shyly. He pulled your bra away from you throwing it back on the ground. You knew he was drunk, but he was still over the line. He pressed his soft lips to your boob taking the other one in his hand. “Harry, stop!” you yelled forcefully struggling to find your bra. “Why can’t you respect me? I told you once already and I’m not going to tell you again, stop,” you said placing your bra back on. Anger was building up. All of a sudden someone burst through the door. It was Niall. “Harry,” he said angrily, “she told you to stop.” He grabbed you by the arm leaving Harry on the bed. He guided you out of the room whispering something irresistible in your ear, “Come to my room?” 

Liam: “Getting sleepy babe?” Liam asked stroking your hair. You two were having a movie night together. Your head was resting on Liam’s lap. The boys had all retreated to their rooms agreeing to give you some alone time together. “Erm yeah,” you lied, “How about I head on to sleep and you can watch the end of the movie?” You two were watching Toy Story 3 and you knew that Liam wouldn’t want to leave right in the middle of it. “Are you sure?” he asked not taking his eyes off the screen. You chuckled, “Of course love. You can just meet me in the room. Take your time.” You kissed him delicately on the cheek leaving him on the couch laughing at his favorite part. You smiled slightly. He’s so sweet…You walked towards the room that you and Liam shared but stopping midway. You knocked ever so softly on the brown wooden door. It was quickly opened by somebody pulling you in. “Y/N,” he said. “I want this. I want you,” you said to him kissing his lips. There was something that you never felt with Liam. A spark, a connection, a love that was never evident with your own boyfriend. You knew it was wrong but you said it anyways, “I love you Harry.” 

Louis: “Good morning Y/N,” someone mumbled into your ear. You turned to the side. “Good morning Lou-” you stopped. “Liam?!” you half yelled. “Shhh,” he soothed. “Wh-what are you doing here?” you practically whisper-screamed. “You don’t remember?” he asked after awhile. You grabbed your head trying to wash away the pulsating headache that pounded your temples. You shook your head miserably. You were having a hang over. “You were very very drunk Y/N,” Liam started, “Louis was too. He passed out in the living room before he could even make it here. I made sure you got here okay so I tucked you in. But then you pulled me into bed with you-” “Did we have sex?!” you stressed the last word cutting him off. He swallowed hard before nodding. You closed your eyes trying to remember the events of last night. All you remember is going to the bar and drinking…”Shit. We gotta get out of here before someone comes in,” you said quickly jumping out of bed. You then realized that you had no clothes on. You hastily covered up what you could with your hands to protect yourself from Liam’s stare. But then you remembered that you had sex with him last night…you groaned, he had already seen you naked Y/N, you said to yourself. You threw on a shirt and some sweat pants then looked at Liam, “I’ll go first and distract the boys. Count to 60 and then come out, okay?” 

a/n if i get some good feedback from you guys, i’ll start part 2 right now! :) 

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