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Niall: “Nothing’s fine im tornnnn, i’m all out of faith, and this is how i feel…” you sang at the top of your lungs. You just finished shampooing your hair with your favorite strawberry shampoo. Niall was waiting for you in the main room and you couldn’t wait to be back in his arms finishing up the last half of Finding Nemo. You stepped out of  the shower when…”Y/N!” it was Niall. He was standing in the doorway, jaw dropped, and wide-eyed. “Niall! What are you doing in here?!” you managed to say trying to cover yourself up with a nearby towel. “Ah i’m sorry Y/N…i’ll be erm…waiting for you out there,” he quickly muttered walking back out. You hastily got changed and walked out to join him. You sat down next to him and lay your head on his chest. “You looked beautiful by the way…” Niall said softly in your ear before placing a kiss on your cheek. 

Zayn: “Crap!” you cursed out loud. I forgot my towel is in the washing machine. So you were in the shower and you didn’t have a towel. Ugh, you groaned mentally. “Zayn!” you called. No answer. “Zayn!” you tried again. No answer. “ZAYN MALIK!” you shouted a bit louder this time. “Babe? Are you calling for me? Or are you just replaying what you sounded like last night?” he asked with a smirk. “Oh would you shut it. I have a crisis. My towel’s in the washing machine,” you said. “Okay, I’ll go get it love,” he said returning a minute later with your towel in your hand. “Thanks babe, now will you hand it to me?” you asked sticking your hand out the shower door. “Nope, you have to come and get it,” Zayn said. You popped your head out the door and saw him wink. Ugh Zayn can be so ugh sometimes. Slowly, you turned the knob on the shower off and opened the door. Hesitating, you stepped out cautiously walking over to him. “God…you’re perfect,” he breathed. “Oh shut up,” you said snatching the towel from his grasp. 

Harry: Harry wouldn’t be home for hours and you were hoping to have a little alone time to catch up on Friends, which you were behind in by almost a whole season. You were just finishing up your shower and went into your room to change. Much to your surprise Harry was sitting on your bed staring at you. “Harry! What are you doing here?! I thought you wouldn’t be home for hours!” you said looking for something to hide behind. He noticed your agitation and came over to you. “Never be insecure about yourself. You’re absolutely flawless…” he said before kissing your cheek and leaving you to get dressed. You walked out of your room once you actually had clothes on. “I love you, you know that,” you said. “How about I watch the rest of Friends with you?” he said, “and Y/N, I love you too.” 

Liam: You were waiting for a call from your mum. She said she would be calling around 1:00 and it was 12:45 so you decided you had time for a quick shower. You must have lost track of time because you heard your phone ringing obnoxiously. Last time I didn’t answer one of mum’s calls it didn’t turn out pretty. Oh well…Liam will probably answer it. After the first two rings I realized Liam wasn’t going to be answering it anytime soon, so you had no choice. You ran outside forgetting to grab a towel lunging towards the phone. “Hello?!” you yelled into the phone out of breath. You turned around to see Liam staring at your bum. Had he been there the whole time? “Um..mum…I gotta call you back…” you said slowly. Liam smiled a cheeky smile and walked over to you embracing you in a very naked, wet, yet calming hug. “You’re gorgeous…” Liam said running his fingers across your bare back. 

Louis: You were taking a warm, hot shower when you noticed a burning smell. It started to become stronger and stronger. “Shit!” you cursed. “I left my cookies in the oven!” Without thinking, you ran out of the shower towards the kitchen, but someone beat you to it. Louis was standing by the oven eyeing your body up and down. “I got it babe, did you think I would let our flat burn down?” he said giving a little chuckle. You laughed along nervously. “Oh and by the way Y/N, looking fineeee,” he said eyes going straight to your boobs. You turned a deep shade of red and ran back to the bathroom to get changed. 

Note: sooo this is my first preference(: please tell me how you like it and leave feedback! also don’t forget to request preferences and i promise i’ll get to all of them! thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed xx

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